Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes #3

Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes 3Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes #3 had a lengthy list of cast members and also featured a rather unique twist. Ed powers wanted to do an anal scene with up and comer Heather Lear (aka Heather Lere, among other aliases). heatehr agreed to do the anal scene with the stipulation that she get to do Ed in the ass as well. I think she may have been surprised when Ed agreed but the gauntlet was thrown. Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes #3 features a great scene of Ed Doing heather in the ass and her promptly returning the favor with a dildo in Ed’s ass. This was easily the best scene of the video and worth the price of admission. Heather Lere was always one to steal the show and this Dirty Debutantes video is no exception. She had several other great films outside of the Dirty Debutantes series but her career in adult was short lived mostly due to her abrasive personality on the set. Another notable scene from Dirty Debutantes #3 has to the the encounter between Viper and Big Dick Powers. It was a good interracial scene that is sure to please fans of the niche. Rounding out Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes #3 are some scenes featuring real life couples appearing on film for the first time and a lesbian scene.

The previously mentioned lengthy cast includes the following: Ed Powers, Big Dick Powers, Heather Lere, Viper, Wendy Waters, Selina Storm, Cheri Monterey, Mia Powers, Jamie Gillis, Roxanne Simmons, Tina Lynn, Tia De Angelo, Karla Politano, Serena Heights, Laura Loring, Fawn Dell, Johnny Roxxx, Chad Chatsworth, and Steph.

The original Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes #3 was released in 1990. It has since been re-released on DVD and is available from online adult DVD shops such as Excalibur Films for as as little as $15.00. Of course, I consider the video to be a must have for any Ed Powers fan and for the measly price of fifteen bucks, there’s no excuse not to own a copy.

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