Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes #2

Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes #2 played off of the success of the first movie. The film was produced in 1990 and featured a much larger cast than Dirty Debutantes #1 including Chelsea, Rebecca (and her boyfriend Han), Sabre, Keli, Brianna, Crystal, Minnie, Eyesha, Jamie Gillis and of course the man himself, Ed Powers. In typical Dirty Debutantes fashion, this movie launched the adult careers of several of these girls. This was Chelsea’s first time on camera but she went on to perform in roughly 20 other movies. She would make a return to the series in More Dirty Debutantes #17. Rebecca is a Finnish beauty and she has a hardcore scene in this movie with her boyfriend Han. This was their first time on camera although it wasn’t Rebecca’s last. She would go on to work in several other adult films and I believe she still works in adult entertainment. Sabre has only a small part in this film but she too went on to appear in a handful of other films. Sabre would make a return to the Ed Powers lineup in More Dirty Debutantes #18. Crystal ended up with over 50 adult videos under her belt. The other girls’ careers were less remarkable and this was Eyesha’s only adult film apperarance that I know of. As with most of the early Dirty Debutantes films, the quality of the video is not the greatest. You can only expect so much when you’re filming with what is now antiquated equipment. Then again, the video quality was never the appeal of the Dirty Debutantes series. The passion that Ed Powers puts into his movies is hard to quantify and is really known only by his fans. To know his work is to love it and it’s not something you see very often anymore, if at all. Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes #2 was re-released on DVD in 2000 so it shouldn’t be hard to find. Adult DVD Empire has it in stock for $24.95. You may be able to find it cheaper if you shop around. It’s considered a must have for any Ed Powers fans.

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