Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes # 1

Dirty Debutantes #1; the video that started it all. Dirty Debutantes #1 featured Ed Powers, Jamie Gillis, Mia Powers (pictured on the right), Jo Kidd and Tracy. The movie was released in 1989 on VHS and runs for a little over 90 minutes. It was later re-released on DVD. The highlight of Dirty Debutantes #1 was easily Mia Powers. Ed Powers has always had a gift for finding hot amateurs and Mia was certainly no exception. Mia’s first appearance in the Dirty Debutante series wouldn’t be her last. It also launched a successful but short lived career in adult movies. When Mia Powers left adult entertainment, I believe she had close to 30 films to her credit. I haven’t seen them all but I have seen many and they are worth trying to find if you enjoy the older style porn movies. She was amazing. As with all of the Ed Powers movies, this film has a very amateur feel to it, both in the performers and in production quality. It’s obviously not of the same quality as you’ll find on the latest and greatest DVD’s and that’s part of its appeal. It just feels real and unrehearsed and as always, Ed’s passion for what he’s doing is obvious even on camera.

Since Dirty Debutantes #1 has been re-released on DVD it shouldn’t be hard to find. Google and/or Yahoo! would be a good place to start. Many of Ed’s movies are also available for download at his website for a nominal fee. As you can probably imagine, Dirty Debutantes #1 comes highly recommended from me as it’s the first in what I consider to be the best amateur adult series of all time.

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